Marchese's Forgotten Bride


How can she tell him she’s expecting his twins...?

When Alessandro Marches strides into the headquarters of his latest acquisition, one person is particularly struck by his awesome presence... The tingling of Cassie’s skin let’s her know her new boss is the who left her – pregnant with twins! And now it seems he’s forgotten her altogether!

But the formidable Italian is more affected by Cassie Janus than he lets on. The darkness of his memory is lifting. Now Alessandro needs just one more thing to complete the picture – Cassie, with his wedding ring on her finger...

Here’s a small taster...

‘Stop accusing me of lying,’ he said, removing the now empty glass from her nerveless fingers.

Cassie was trying to hold icy wet black silk away from her breasts without losing her dignity. She’d soaked her face and the sides of her hair - water was dripping off the end of her nose and her chin. On a growl of impatience Sandro took possession of her wrist again, using it haul her like a piece of quivering baggage back across the room and into the square hallway then across it into another room.

It was huge white space of a bathroom with unforgiving lighting that set Cassie blinking as Sandro threw a switch. Grabbing a towel off the rail he tossed it at her.

‘Dry your front,’ he instructed, then picked up a smaller towel and stepped up close to use it on her dripping face.

By now the water had warmed to her body heat and she was feeling calmer though no less shaken by what he’d said. ‘What is it about you that makes you say these things?’ she fired at him fiercely as she pressed the towel to her front.

‘Think about it,’ his fingers took possession of her chin to lift it upwards so he could dab the water from her cheeks. ‘What’s in it for me to make up a story as off-the-wall as this?’

He was right - what was there in it for him? ‘You mean – you really don’t remember me – at all?’

Marchese’s Forgotten Bride

Mills & Boon Modern
September 2009
ISBN: 9780263874235
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Harlequin Presents
March 2010
ISBN: 0373128991
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